Our Taj Mahal Water Colours


We have been painting pictures of the Taj Mahal using a watercoulour technique called ‘pen and wash’. This is where you use a pen to draw and ‘wash’ the watercolour over the top with a large soft brush. Later, once it has dried, you can go back to the picture and add detail and shade using a smaller brush and with less water mixed into your paint.They took a long time to paint because the Taj Mahal is such a big building with such intricate decorations. We looked very carefully at photographs of the Taj Mahal to try and include as much detail as possible in our paintings.

Some of us are still working on our pictures, even after two whole afternoons! We will put them on the blog as son as they are finished!


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  1. i have seen the taj mahal on tv but this is way better. did you know that it took 23 years to build and it took 20,000 workmen to build it.

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